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Course Overview

Have you just taken part in a Groupon, Living Social or Amazon Local – Learn to Scuba Dive offer and want to continue to save money?


Have you recently taken part in a PADI Open Water Referral course at another dive center and are now looking to complete the course?


Have you recently taken a PADI Open Water Diver course on holiday and were unable to complete it due to illness or simply ran out of time?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions why not save money and complete the rest of the course with us?


What do I need to start?


To complete the course with us all we need is a copy of your training record or referral form. This document is available upon request from the dive center where you completed the training.


What will I do?


After an initial pool assessment session you will complete the remaining 4 open water dives with our experienced team of instructors.


How long will it take?


The dives are completed over 2 days


What will I need?


We provide all equipment you need for the duration of your course.
However extra costs will be incurred for use of a Drysuit and associated training.


How Do I Book a Course?


To book please call Derek on 07539 388663 or email and Derek or a team member will be happy to help.


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Course Details

Course Date: Courses held regularly throughout the year – please ring


Price: £250




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