Want to be the ultimate leisure diver? Want to become a professional diver? Want to assist Instructors with teaching? The Dive Master course is the first professional qualification, allowing some teaching and dive guiding. It also opens the doors to becoming an Instructor. A Dive Master is internationally recognised as a professional. A good Instructor is nothing without a good Dive Master team. During the course you will learn a lot more about diving including what goes on inside the
body during a dive. The theory is in-depth but not scary, with an exam. Your skills will be vastly improved to a standard where you can demonstrate to students how to assist the Instructor. You will also build on your navigation skills by making an underwater map of a designated area, and dive assignments in
search and recovery and navigation. You will also refresh your rescue skills with an open-water scenario. To be the best Dive Master you can be takes time, how much time is up to you.

Who is it for?
  • PADI Rescue Divers
  • Medically fit to dive
  • 40 logged dives to start training
  • 60 logged dives to qualify
  • 18+ years old
What do I need?
  • A Dive Master should have their own kit, although we can still provide what’s needed
  • Supplied form completed
How much and what is included?
  • £399
  • Kit if needed
  • Pool entry
  • Training
Not included
  • Dive Master pack or eLearning plus Dive Master add-on pack
  • Dive site entry
  • Travel Expenses
  • Cert
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